Project Description

The existing Aberdeen Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant has a design capacity of 4.0 million gallons per day. Currently, the plant is being upgraded for enhanced nutrient removal (ENR) to meet the nutrient loading goals provided in the Bay Restoration Act. The treatment plant capacity will not be expanded as a result of this upgrade.

ENR Process Summary
The primary components of the upgraded liquid treatment train will include:

  • New influent flow equalization system
  • Upgraded primary treatment facilities
  • Enhanced process flow split between primary and secondary facilities
  • Upgraded secondary treatment facilities
  • New tertiary treatment facility
  • Improved effluent disinfection system
  • New and upgraded chemical treatment systems

Specific items to be constructed include:

  1. Influent Sewer Realignment
  2. Main Pumping Station Modifications
  3. New Flow Equalization Tanks and Pumping Station
  4. New Grit Removal System Blowers
  5. New PE/RAS Distribution Box
  6. Biological Treatment Reactors Nos. 1-4 Modifications
  7. Final Clarifiers Nos. 1-4 Modifications
  8. New Continuously Backwashing Upflow Denitrification Filters
  9. New Ultra-Violet Disinfection System
  10. Plant Process Water Pumping Station Modifications
  11. New Sodium Hydroxide, Polyaluminum Chloride, Phosphoric Acid, and Methanol Storage and Feed Facilities
  12. New Process Control System